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Outsourced CFO and Controller Services

North Salt Lake CFO servicesFor a small business to live up to its full potential it needs the financial supervision of a CFO or Controller. If your business is ready to get to the next level but not ready to hire a high-level financial professional, contact Black Ridge Accounting Group, LLC. Our North Salt Lake, UT Accountant offers outsourced CFO and controller services for businesses looking to grow and increase profits.

We'll carefully review the financial state of your business to formulate a plan that encourages growth and increased profits. Our business strategies will eliminate unnecessary expenses that are draining your resources, improve productivity, and fine-tune internal controls. With our support and direction, your business will be able to regulate cash flow and sustain profitability through economic fluctuations. And, if your company is preparing for a major leap forward through a business acquisition or a merger, we'll be there to assist you during the process and minimize the tax implications.

Take the first step in greater success for your small business! Start working with Black Ridge Accounting Group, LLC today by calling 435-879-9415. We offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients.

Traditional CFO and Controller Services

Advisory and Project-Based Services