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Mining and Milling Accounting Services

UT mining and milling accounting

In the mining industry, regardless of the type of mine (open-pit, strip, or underground), or its stage (exploration, development, or producing), Black Ridge Accounting Group, LLC, as a North Salt Lake, UT Accountant, has the experience and “hands-on” knowledge to assist mining and milling operators and owners with their financial reporting, accounting, costing, tax preparation, and systems needs. Whether it be mining and milling/retorting operations related to gold, silver, copper, uranium, coal, or oil shale, or quarrying operations for granite or other stone products, we can assist with your accounting, payroll, mineral property and claim allocations, process costing, inventory, heavy equipment identification and depreciation, depletion, and financial reporting needs, and much more.

The mining industry, including quarrying stone, as one of the extractive industries, often deals with mineral, ore, or stone deposits that are located in remote parts of the world. At Black Ridge Accounting Group, LLC, we have been involved with financial and accounting/tax engagements for entities operating in Mongolia, Morocco, Israel, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, and in the States of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, and California in the United States. We are not strangers to a “hard hat” or a pair of “muck boots”. When you work with us you’ll be confident that we know the industry and its accounting, tax, and financial reporting applications.

Accounting and Tax Services for Mining and Milling Businesses

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