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Business and Financial Consulting Services

North Salt Lake UT business consultingWhether your small business is looking for ways to grow, increase revenues, or just starting out, our business consulting services can help steer you in the right direction. As a business consultant and North Salt Lake, UT Accountant, Black Ridge Accounting Group, LLC has creative solutions to boost profits and get your business to the next level. We’ll analyze your accounting processes and find ways to eliminate unnecessary costs and refine internal controls. We’ll also formulate a tax planning strategy that decreases your tax liability so you can retain more of your profits. If needed, we can even assist in negotiations for a strategic acquisition or a merger to ensure you get the best deal possible while minimizing any tax implications.

In addition to providing financial guidance and advice, we'll keep you informed through regular financial reports. We'll also make ourselves available to answer questions or discuss major business decisions that could impact your finances.

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Find out how your business can conquer financial hurdles with our combination of sound advice, personal support and practical improvements for managing your operations and cash flow. Call us today at 435-879-9415 to learn more about our consulting services for all kinds of small businesses or request a free consultation online now.