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Audit Package Preparation Services

audit package preparationBlack Ridge Accounting Group, LLC offers audit package preparation services for all types of growing businesses – both publicly traded and privately held entities. For those companies that are new to the audit arena and the preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements for audit or review by independent auditors, or for those entities that have “lived” the audit process before, the keys to success are understanding the audit preparation/documentation process, making sure that the audit package is complete, fully supported, and delivered on-time, and managing the overall audit engagement with independent auditors with nothing left to chance. This simplifies your job as management: Right Answers, Clean Books, Faster Audits, Reasonable Audit Fees, and Peace of Mind!

We have the audit background, experience, and knowledge to help make your audit/review engagement a success whether it be for reverse mergers, initial public offerings (“IPO’s”), acquisitions, bank audits, insurance audits, or regular 10-Q and 10-K SEC filings. We can help you get your books in shape and have your audit package (supplementary trial balance info, account reconciliations, schedules, analyses, checklists, internal control questionnaires, etc.) and financial statements (with the accompanying notes to financial statements) ready to go as required. Remember: Your independent auditors will not clean up your books, create the audit schedules, or prepare your financial statements or related notes to financial statements! This is the job of management. . . are you ready for this task, and do you know what to do?

Our audit package preparation services are broken down into the following areas:

Our audit package preparation services are “tailored” to the needs of your Company. You may need the entire package, or only part. Either way, we help you take the worry out of getting through an audit or review of your financial statements.